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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials


Retroreflective Materials

Retroreflective Fabric (Tape) Technical Requirements

ТУ У 24.6.-05761318.058.П-2001

1. Retroreflective Fabric (Tape) returns the light flux back to its source and is used for marking people in the dark by becoming bright white in the headlight light or other source of light and providing more than 100 m visibility. Use of the Retroreflective Tape (Fabric) increases the safety of drivers, miners, traffic patrol officers, emergency and rescue workers, railroaders, bikers and, especially, children at night.

2. Retroreflective Fabric (Tape) has a white color of glowing and is made 10; 12.5; 15; 20; 25; 35; 50; 75; 100 and 600 mm wide.

3. Using guidelines: Retroreflective Fabric (Tape) is sewed on the clothing in places that should glitter when the light is pointed at them. The fabric can be cut manually, using a die or a cutting machine. For sewing a piece of fabric (tape), a lock stitch is used (rate: 3 stitches per 1 cm) under condition that the stitches are located at least 2 mm from the edge of the Retroreflective Fabric (Tape).

4. Resistance to washing not less than 15 cycles at the temperature of 40 °С. Retroreflective Fabric (Tape) shouldn’t be boiled or chemically cleaned. It is possible to iron the dry fabric only through the dry cotton cloth at the pressing temperature up to 150 °С.

Our new high-
performance product
aluminum tape
FL-30with a better price was put into production.
Anti-adhesive (siliconized) materials
have also entered the production.

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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials