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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials



[17.08.2009] Price Setback For Retroreflective Fabrics.

   Starting from 17 August 2009, prices for the retroreflective silver tape are reduced by 10%!
This action will last until 30 September 2009.
   Retroreflective tape (fabric) returns the light flux to its source turning bright white by the headlights light or another source of light and providing more than 100 m visibility. [More...]

[15.01.2009] Photoluminescent Fabric Went Into Production.

   Galant, LLC began the production of the photoluminescent fabric as per Specification ТУ У. 17.5-22592900-006:2008 Amendment No. 1
   Special solution applied to the photoluminescent fabric has a capability to accumulate light when different sources of light get on this fabric.
   Due to its capability to accumulate light and then return it in the dark, photoluminescent fabric is used in evacuation systems and fire safety systems to ensure proper evacuation of people out of the building during an emergency. Any serious accident, fire or other emergency situation is followed by the automatic energy shutoff. In the dark, even a person familiar with the premises will immediately lose orientation during an emergency, which will result in panic leading to unconscious behavior. Being able to orientate themselves in low visibility conditions helps people act quickly and control the situation.

[09.09.2008] BestIzol Insulating Material Is Named The Best Product In Ukraine.

BestIzol Insulating Material Is Named The Best Product In Ukraine








   Committee pointed out the high quality of the BestIzol trademark material.
   Such contests give customers an opportunity to learn the market, to use products of respectable manufacturers and to avoid buying adulterated products.
   BestIzol is a soundproof material that, according to its thermal insulating capabilities, belongs to the reflective insulation category. It is a multilayer material consisting of polyethylene foam (2-10 mm thick) and polished aluminum foil (1-12 µm thick).
   Due to its thermal insulating characteristics, BestIzol is 4-8 times more effective then polystyrene foam, 4-12 times – then mineral wool boards and 12-25 times – then foam concrete.
   BestIzol Thermal Insulation is made as per ТУ Specification and has the Certificate of Conformity, the Fire Certificate and the Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate.

Our new high-
performance product
aluminum tape
FL-30with a better price was put into production.
Anti-adhesive (siliconized) materials
have also entered the production.

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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials