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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials


Photoluminescent Materials

Photoluminescent Tape Photoluminescent Fabric Photoluminescent Fabric

Photoluminescent Fabric Photoluminescent Tape, Fabric Photoluminescent fabrics

    Special solution applied to the photoluminescent fabric has a capability to accumulate light when different sources of light get on this fabric.

    Due to its capability to accumulate light and then return it in the dark, photoluminescent fabric is used in evacuation systems and fire safety systems to ensure the proper evacuation of people out of the building during an emergency. Any serious accident, fire or other emergency situation is followed by the automatic energy shutoff. In the dark, even a person familiar with the premises will immediately lose orientation during an emergency, which will result in panic leading to unconscious behavior. Being able to orientate themselves in low visibility conditions helps people act quickly and control the situation.

    Photoluminescent fabric can be used for the manufacturing of the working clothing for subway and airport personnel, miners, railroaders, strappers, rescuers of different categories and fire fighters.

    Photoluminescent fabrics can be successfully used as signal barriers to mark obstacles and dangerous areas during the evacuation from the dark places.

Our new high-
performance product
aluminum tape
FL-30with a better price was put into production.
Anti-adhesive (siliconized) materials
have also entered the production.

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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials