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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials


Anti-adhesive (siliconized) materials

Anti-adhesive (siliconized) materials

    Anti-adhesive (siliconized) film and paper the materials coated with silicone layer.

    Anti-adhesive materials are produced as one-sided siliconized paper with different densities, and also in the form of PET and PP films with one-sided silicone coat.

    Anti-adhesive film and anti-adhesive paper are designed for usage in the manufacture of self-adhesive materials for various purposes: medical adhesive plasters, one-and two-sided adhesive tapes, sealants, during forming of rubber technical goods and polymer films that are used in packaging of caoutchouc, bitumen, mastic and other materials with a constant adhesive effect.

    Anti-adhesive materials are used in the manufacture of adhesive materials for general and special purposes to prevent inadvertent contamination and bonding of adhesive surfaces, particularly:

  • medical industry - the production of sticky materials for health and hygiene purposes;
  • printing industry - self-adhesive labels;
  • automotive industry – heat- and sound-insulating materials;
  • construction - the production of heat- and sound- insulation, as well as in the production of roll mastic, sealants and roofing materials.


Galant Ltd produces the following anti-adhesive materials:

  • anti-adhesion siliconized PET film
  • siliconized anti-adhesive polypropylene film
  • siliconized anti-adhesive paper

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Our new high-
performance product
aluminum tape
FL-30with a better price was put into production.
Anti-adhesive (siliconized) materials
have also entered the production.

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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials