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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials


BestIzol Foil Thermal Insulation

BestIzol Foil Thermal Insulation Application Domain

BestIzol is a foil thermal insulation that, besides its high thermal insulation characteristics, has also useful properties.

Being a part of the BestIzol, polyethylene foam practically doesn’t absorb moisture (the same with aluminum), thus BestIzol properties don’t depend on moisture conditions and temperature cycling. Therefore this thermal insulation is a perfect vapor sealing, and being used inside the building together with the mass insulation, it doesn’t require use of additional vapor insulating materials.

For the outside thermal insulation, BestIzol Foil Insulator will also perform waterproofing functions unlike slab noise insulation installed between framework, boarding joists and roof timbers.

Mounted over the framework, BestIzol Thermal Insulator provides a very effective protection from the structure-borne or impact noise. That’s why BestIzol Thermal Insulation is not just some heat insulating material but a complex insulator that is used both separately and together with other insulators in order to increase their characteristics.

1. Outside Wall Thermal Insulation

    The maximal effect can be reached in the presence of 15-20 mm air cavities from the foiled side of the BestIzol Thermal Insulation (Fig. 1).

BestIzol - Outside Wall Thermal Insulation
BestIzol - Outside Wall Thermal Insulation
   Combined wall insulation BestIzol
Combined wall insulation BestIzol



    Installation is performed strictly “butt-to-butt” to prevent laps. Every field joint is sized to create complete vapor sealing and waterproofing. Reflective insulation supplements traditional THERMAL INSULATOR (Fig. 2) in the best way for the construction of multistorey buildings, as well as skeleton-type low-rise buildings while it significantly increases the walls’ thermal resistance without increasing their size. For the combined wall insulation, BestIzol Reflective Insulation is mounted with brackets over the massive insulation to the studding every 150-160 mm (Fig. 2).

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Heat-, Sound-, Electrical Insulating Materials